Geometa at GITEX GLOBAL in Dubai

Geometa at the GITEX GLOBAL Exhibition in Dubai

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Held at Dubai World Trade Center on October 10 to 14, 2022, Gitex Global 2022 is the largest exhibition of IT solutions and computer equipment. Geometa team presented a digital ecosystem of GIS products of their own creation.

This year the Gitex Global exhibition was organized for the 42nd time, visited by more than 100 thousand people from 98 countries, among the exhibitors more than 500 companies from around the world and 35 startup companies.

Gitex Global is more than just 9 huge exhibition halls, but also a conference split into 14 conference tracks.

Gitex Global exhibition space

Exhibition lets participants present state-of-the-art technologies like two-seat flying car from China, autopilot taxis, robots, AI-powered solutions and applications of neural networks, blockchain and cybersecurity, 5G networks, and more.

«We set several tasks for ourselves: first of all, finding and understanding the target audience of Geometa in this region; second, identifying the problems our product can solve and its real benefits; third, demonstrating our product and its capabilities; fourth, making useful contacts for further sales; fifth, finding equivalent products and their worth», Andrey Cherednikov, Product Manager of the Geometa team describes their mission.

Huge part of the exhibition floor was taken by national booths, with companies grouped by countries they originate from. Geometa was presented at the booth that came with «Made in Russia» tag.

Geometa stand at GITEX GLOBAL

The Geometa team demonstrated urban GIS solutions that have proven themselves in production in many Russian cities, as well as brand new products useful in various sectors of the national economy when managing large volumes of spatial data and various managed assets.

According to Alexey Dudarev, the company’s CEO, «The biggest challenge is to understand the needs of customers and offer them our product as a way to achieve their goals. We have to compete with those who give lots of promises without any real background. We will stand our ground anyway».

We managed a lot in five days. Had dozens of meetings with potential partners and customers from the Middle East, watched demoes of competitors’ solutions, evaluated the local demand and outlined a roadmap.

The Gems development team

All in all, the Geometa team thinks positively of the results of the exhibition experience. According to Alexey Dudarev, «The team works on processing the results, consolidating contacts and professional ties. On the very first day after the exhibition, I had a business meeting with representatives of the Dubai Municipality about future cooperation, and the meeting was their idea».

This is not the first exhibition for the Geometa team this year: in June you could see us at the Smart City Expo LATAM Congress in Mexico, and in November we will go to GeoSmart in India. Except for the product exhibition booth, the event will feature company’s CEO public speech on the topic of digital transformation of the cities.

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