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Geometa turns spatial BigData into actionable insights for proactive city management and transformation

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Get a clearer picture of how your actions and decisions affect your residents.

Geometa integrates & normalizes diverse data, turning it into beautiful visualizations on maps and actionable insights. Store, view, interpret, enrich data to make spatially aware decisions.

Real-World Example

Mapping flood-prone areas reveals the territories, which are susceptible to floods and can be used as a decision-making tool for local authorities and emergency services as a crucial element of flood risk management and land use planning.



Drive your city development using Bigdata, ML, and AI. Geometa provides data intelligence and essential analytics for data-driven decision-making, city development tracking, and prediction of future scenarios.

Real-World Example

Processing telecom operators’ data on citizens’ mobility to place infrastructure facilities exactly where people are most frequently or need them most.



Deliver digital public services. Geometa provides automation of business processes and electronic document management — with reference to maps, their objects, and layers.

Real-World Example

Issuing a building permit in electronic form takes only 3 days instead of 14 days and without the need of personal presence. The map of construction projects displays this data in real-time.



Collaborate across teams, departments, agencies using a shared language and a single source of truth. Transparent data keeps all parties aware of new developments, updates, and historical records in real-time.

Real-World Example

Third-party organizations’ activities can result in up to 15 cases of network damage per month. Automating the earthworks coordination and involving all interested parties in this process reduces the coordination time from 3 months to 15 days, the number of network damage reports decreases by more than 10 times.

Build trust

Build trust

Provide up-to-date citizen-oriented online service. 

Engage with residents to improve government transparency and residents’ trust in government.

Real-World Example

The public urban planning portal helps to define the site that is best suited for construction based on the investor’s criteria, existing conditions and restrictions, providing for the best evaluation of investment in real estate.

Measure performance

Measure performance

Centralize and standardize data to accurately measure your programs and the impact of your outreach. Report on your performance.

Real-World Example

Activities planned for implementation in budget programs (roads and utility networks reconstruction) should affect the quality of the environment assessment, the pace of housing construction, tax rates, and economic activity. Localization on the map allows you to correlate the implemented and planned activities with the real city economy.

Case studies

Urban Analytics. Shared City Photos

Urban Analytics. Shared City Photos

The tool gathers feedback from citizens, painting most compelling picture of their opinion about projects developed by city administrations.

Urban Аnalytics. Road Accidents

Reducing deaths in traffic accidents is an important national goal for any state. We tell you how the Road Accidents tool works and how the mapping service makes our lives safer.

Our benefits

  • Highly configurable GIS solution

    Deep adaptation to the client’s specifics: creating new types of objects and documents, design of maps’ visualizations, automation of new scenarios and data analysis do not require coding. Most of the settings are performed by configuring tools in the graphical interface. 5th technical generation of Geometa software — we constantly improve and apply the latest technologies, to meet the growing demands of our clients.

  • Enterprise-level solution

    Connection of an unlimited number of departments, workspaces, users.
    Simultaneous work of hundreds of users with constantly up-to-date data about the whole city.
    Big Data processing: information from hundreds layers on a map with more than a million objects is analyzed in seconds.

  • 50+ ready-made solutions for city development

    Applications are designed, engineered, built and tested for government use and have been constantly improving since 2007. We have accumulated dozens of solutions ready for replication that are in demand in any cities and easily adaptable to the specifics and legislation of different countries.

  • Serious About Security

    Geometa protects confidential information and delimits access to data. Our clients use our developments in combination with various certified information security tools in their unique environment and on their own server facilities.

Our 5-Step Implementation Process

Step 1

Research and analysis of your processes

We examine business needs and challenges, conduct a comprehensive analysis of business processes, information resources, and systems.

Step 2

Installing and configuring the platform

We install and configure the platform in the client’s environment. We carry out work on information security.

Step 3

Collection, processing, and loading of data

We provide consulting on how best to work with data, load it into the system and update it. Even if a large proportion of information is stored on paper.

Step 4

Platform adaptation

We adapt the platform to the client’s processes and to the needs of specific users. We migrate clients’ resources from existing solutions, such as ArcGIS, MapInfo, QGIS, Panorama etc, or integrate them.

Step 5

User training

We provide access to our own educational portal with courses on how to work with the platform and data. We individually train client’s users on the specifics of working with the platform.

Local partners in your country

The managers of local divisions communicate with you in their native language, have a deep understanding of the cultural specifics and peculiarities of life in your country. A developed network of contacts at the international level, the competence of our experts and the highest quality services will meet the needs of your city.

We love to understand your city’s challenges

We’re with you all the way. We’ll assist you to get the most out of Geometa with a support approach.

  • Consultancy Services

    Leverage our expertise and in-depth knowledge.

    GIS experts, analysts, developers provide a range of consulting services, from technical advice, business analysis to high-level city development strategies.

  • Technical Support

    Our support team is geared up to be at your service.

    We ensure the smooth operation of the system, help with the installation of updates, carry out work to change the system in accordance with the new tasks of your business.

  • User Training

    Working with Geometa is simple and straightforward.

    We provide access to our own educational portal. Users can study online at a convenient time with the supervision of a curator and practice on real cases.


Geometa is trusted by over 50 regional governments and 5 urban areas with more than 1 million population

Indispensable Tool for More than 700 Employees

The team quickly and professionally solved emerging challenges. We have developed effective interaction and exchange of experience. Today Geometa has become an indispensable tool for more than 700 employees.

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Coat of Arms of Kazan (Tatarstan)
Dmitry Kremlev
Head of IT Department at Executive Committee of Kazan

Responsibility and Hard Work of the Team

The intuitive interface of the platform, a simple and understandable process of providing services is what the local authorities need and the system can provide it 100%.

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Coat of arms of Krasnoyarsk Krai
Department of maintenance
System at Capital Construction Department Krasnoyarsk Territory

Agile Developers and Strong Support Team

Proposals for improving the System are promptly accepted and implemented by the developers. Analysts of the Geometa platform quickly react to changes in the legislation and provide the system with the appropriate tool.

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Coat of Arms of Yamal Nenetsia
Albina Polukhina
Deputy Director of the Department of Construction and Housing Policy of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area

Fruitful Cooperation

Over the entire period of operation with the platform, we have developed fruitful cooperation with the Geometa development team. We hope that it will remain so since our system has room for improvement.

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Coat of Arms of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
Dmitry Tyan
Head of Information Technology Department

Why Was I So Excited by Geometa?

I was favorably impressed by the system and I hope that over time it will be possible to include it in an increasing number of processes in our administration.

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Coat of Arms of Vladivostok
Evgeny Pinchuk
Head of GIS Department at Vladivostok City Administration

Drive for Achieving the Goals

We have a great rapport with the development team, a common drive for achieving the goals. The team is distinguished by high professionalism, efficiency in solving problems, a productive attitude to the comments and suggestions made, and an interest in the development of their product.

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Coat of Arms of Kazan (Tatarstan)
Nailya Galimzyanova
Chief Software Engineer of the Department of Electronic Services of the Executive Committee of Kazan

Interested In How Geometa Can
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Backed with Geometa, we turn cities into digital ecosystems, provide smart city management, drive digital urban development, ensuring transparency, superior quality of life, and economic growth. Let our team walk you through a personal demo!

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