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Transforming Urban Management with Geometa's Approach

Transforming Urban Management with Geometa’s Approach

With a rich 16-year history in streamlining process automation across various cities and countries, Geometa unveils its unique methodology. In this article, we elucidate Geometa’s forward-thinking perspective on automating urban management

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Reflecting on the Geospatial Digital Twin Conference 2023

Reflecting on the Geospatial Digital Twin Conference 2023

Join us as we journey back through the Geospatial Digital Twin Conference 2023, a two-day online event that brought together leading experts in geospatial technology to share their insights and explore the latest trends in the field of geospatial digital twins.

Empowering Geometa Users: Geometa Education Portal

Discover how our Education Portal is helping Geometa users acquire knowledge and skills. Explore the dynamic platform that’s empowering both specialists and administrators for success.

Happy World Tourism Day!

Happy World Tourism Day!

In celebration of World Tourism Day, explore how Geometa’s solutions are helping to preserve cultural heritage, plan urban development, and enhance the tourist experience. Discover the power of data-driven insights in driving sustainable growth and responsible tourism.


Geometa: Shaping the Future of Urban Planning

Geometa is making waves as the general sponsor of a major conference. Join us as we explore their visionary role in shaping the future of cities.

Geometa’s Successful Journey in Indonesia

Discover the highlights of Geometa’s recent trip to Indonesia. In this article, we’ll take you through the important meetings and presentations that happened during our three-week stay in Jakarta. From government meetings to university visits, find out how Geometa is making a difference in Indonesia’s urban development.

Geometa at Indonesia International Smart City Expo

Explore how Geometa presented itself at the Indonesia International Smart City Expo & Forum 2023, a dynamic event that showcased cutting-edge technology, ICT, and IoT innovations for the smart city landscape.

Geometa: Gold Sponsor of Indonesia 4.0 Expo 2023

Embark on a journey through our experience as the Gold Sponsor of the Indonesia 4.0 Conference & Expo 2023, and join us in reflecting on the remarkable moments.

Spatial Data Infrastructure

Spatial Data Infrastructure

Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) is transforming the world of geospatial information, streamlining data collection, management, and sharing processes. In this article, we delve into an exemplary SDI project based on the Geometa platform. Discover how Geometa empowers decision-makers, fosters collaboration, and drives sustainable solutions in the modern digital era.

Monitoring Construction in Progress Projects

Monitoring Construction in Progress Projects

Monitoring and controlling construction activities in fast-growing cities pose significant challenges for city officials. The sheer volume and complexity of projects make compliance, progress tracking, and addressing delays difficult. In response, Geometa introduces its solution for effective monitoring of Construction in Progress projects.

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