New Life with Clean Air: How Cities Change for the Better

Geometa’s Environmental Impact

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Geometa recently participated in the strategic session “New Life with Clean Air: How Cities Change for the Better.” The event was organized to address the pressing issue of urban ecology and foster an effective exchange of ideas among various regions. The session brought together representatives from 23 regions and 43 cities, all committed to enhancing urban environments.

The primary objective of the project is to reduce overall pollutant emissions by over 20% by 2026, with a more ambitious goal of 50% reduction in cities with high pollution levels. This ambitious target will be achieved through the modernization of industrial facilities and the adoption of cutting-edge technological solutions.

During the event, Mariia Bobyleva, Chief Marketig Officer at Geometa, delivered a presentation titled “Digital Systems for Sustainable Urban Development”. She showcased Geometa’s social project aimed at engaging citizens in improving their cities, along with a greenery management initiative.

Modern cities are intricate systems, and their sustainable development is essential for resilience and positive socio-economic and environmental changes. According to Mariia Bobyleva, “The development of public spaces and green areas is crucial for urban sustainability. Geometa’s solutions in urban planning and management contribute significantly to the sustainable development of territories, aligning with environmental targets.”

Geometa’s participation in the strategic session provided an invaluable opportunity to engage with potential partners, gain insights into industry challenges, and identify promising areas for growth. The company is eager to explore new avenues and leverage geoinformation systems to further contribute to environmental initiatives, particularly in the realm of clean air and reduced emissions.

Geometa’s Environmental Projects

Greening Management: Geometa has implemented a Greening module, automating municipal employees’ tasks related to green space management. This includes creating a registry of green spaces and facilitating services like replanting, pruning, and green space demolition permits, all managed within the system. The module streamlines interdepartmental communication and reduces administrative bottlenecks. Geometa is actively developing a project to comprehensively manage green spaces, aiming to involve citizens and businesses in greening programs. This project is currently in development, with a focus on enhancing ecological safety and sustainability through digital solutions.

Monitoring and Elimination of Illegal Dumps: Geometa’s specialized module helps automate the monitoring and control of unauthorized waste dumps. The platform enables real-time monitoring of landfills, utilizing drone imagery and citizen reports to locate and manage illegal dumpsites. This proactive approach enhances environmental safety and ensures effective waste management practices.

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