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A comprehensive approach to data collection and storage, handling and visualization. Geometa: the web-based geo-information system through which you create maps and geoportals to solve wide range of client challenges.
  • Manage data models and configure web-applications.
  • Master our Multi-CS feature to work with data in multiple coordinate systems and projections.
  • Apply styles to layers and maps, switch on basemaps and services.
  • Set up multiple user access to web-application data and functionalities.
  • Import and export data to and from other systems.
  • Control data caching mechanism.
  • Fine-tune the access rights to your data.
  • Keep track of user activity history.

Additional modules

module logo JasperJasper

Geometa API

Establish data exchange with other systems and grant them external access to Geometa features through integration.

Query builder

Make it possible for lots of people to build complex queries to the database. The resulting data can be conveniently added to the map and saved in a variety of formats.

module logo NephriteNephrite

Data quality dashboard

Visualize current state of your system and monitor its data integrity by reviewing key metrics, analyze user activity.

Logo Geometa

File storage service

Store massive amounts of files externally and link them with the objects on the map. Gain quick access to the files.

Logo Geometa

Document and report templates editor

Start with easy and learn to preconfigure more advanced templates for automatic document and report generation based on data stored in Geometa.

Logo Geometa

Electronic document approval

Use data stored in system to generate documents and approve them via BPM system to finalize with an e-signature.

Logo Geometa

Look back in time

Reconstruct the state of spatial data at any selected point in the past. Analyze snapshots of the data to compare and find out how they change from one time instance to another.

Geometa module iconData validation

Ensure integrity by validating the imported data against specified XML schema (XSD) and a set of topology rules.

Geometa module iconMonitor system operation

Receive information regarding status of Geometa services which are essential for stable and continuous functioning of the system.

Geometa module iconNotification service

Adjust notifications and let users know when certain events take place like creation of a new object on the map or a change in object state.

Find out how our set of handy tools for advanced spatial data analysis and editing can work for your goals.

Geometa module iconUser account set-up

Deploy user identification, authentication and authorization mechanisms which come built-in with Geometa. Implement social log-in to allow access through social network accounts.

Geometa module iconInteractive public map

Publish open cartographic data on the web for the general public. Unlimited number of users can look through the information while navigating straightforward and user-friendly interface.


Integration services

Integration services logoIntegration with Business Intelligence

Transfer data to BI systems, including Kibana and others, for visualization through charts and diagrams.

Integration services logoIntegration with QGIS

Easily access your Geometa data out-of-the-box from QGIS, the freely distributed and popular geo-information system.


Urban planning starter pack

This Geometa extension pack introduces a state information system for managing data and documents that guide territory development plans, list land parcels, planned and existing construction projects, as well as further information required for successful city planning activities.
  • Keep registers of data within the information system for urban planning.Deliver data to the users upon request, generate certificates of territory characteristics, calculate fees on the fly to find how much territory information retrieval.
  • Manage cadastral data.
  • Implement property address system.
  • Keep city planning documentation.
  • Keep topographic materials.

Additional modules

Module logo AgateAgate

Geoportal for city planning

Publish territory development data on an interactive map to make investment analysis and information searching as convenient as possible.

Territory analysis

Search for territories that present investment opportunities, land parcels that are suitable for construction of certain properties with this AI-assisted platform.

Geometa module iconInteract with utilities companies

Automate workflows such as receiving technical specifications for connection to the power supply lines, negotiating drafts of engineering networks, issuing permits to earthworks and coordinating combined streetworks on the utility line diagram.

Calculate and visualize indicators of the urban environment quality index: the green spaces availability, traffic safety, transport accessibility, etc.

Geometa module iconRegister property in the USRRP

Automatically register construction projects in the USRRP when transmitting generated data through interdepartmental electronic interaction system (IEIS).

Geometa module iconTopographical maps and utility line diagram

Use topographic maps with vector and raster data types, keep track of the existing underground and above-ground utilities, as well as planned infrastructure.

Geometa module iconControl city planning

Get access to the maps that reflect how many territories are covered by city planning documentation, use other functions in regard to monitoring the city planning activities of municipalities at the regional level.

Geometa module iconInformation models of construction projects

Store and visualize data on the entire life cycle of construction projects from making decisions to start construction to operation and demolition of the project.

Geometa module iconInteraction with the unified state register of real property

Get cadastral maps and excerpts for land parcels and properties through automatic synchronization of the USRRP and Geometa databases.


Integration services

Integration services logoReconciliation with SAR

Provides reconciliation with the database of the state address register (SAR), updates the address plan based on information from the SAR.

Integration services logoIntegration with SIS SMP

Provides the functions of creating accruals and obtaining payment information through the state information system on state and municipal payments.

Integration services logoIntegration with USRC

Provides the functions of requesting and receiving data on project documentation and the conclusion of the state examination from the Unified State Register of Conclusions through interdepartmental electronic interaction system.

Integration services logoTransmission of information to UIS HC

Provides the functions of generating and sending information through interdepartmental electronic interaction system about the issued building and operating permits for placement in the Unified Information System for Housing Construction.

Integration services logoInteraction with UIAS

Provides user identification, authentication and authorization based on data from the Unified Identification and Authentication System.

Integration services logoAutomatic requests to USRRP

Provides the functions of automatic data requests for IEIS services to the USRRP based on the application data received from the Unified portal of public services.

Integration services logoInteraction with IEIS and UPPS

Routing of requests and functions essential for receiving applications and sending the service delivery results to the public services portal, as well as obtaining information from other information systems through interdepartmental electronic interaction system.


Services logo

Urban planning services

Automation of construction service delivery, including data analysis, automatic document generation and electronic document management system, interdepartmental electronic interaction system and public services portals.
Basic urban planning services:
  • Planning and building notices.
  • Notice of completion.
  • Preparation and issuance of land parcel map.
  • Issuance of building and renovation permits.
  • Issuance of an operating permit.

Additional services

Services logoAssignment, change, cancellation of an address

Services logoNotices of demolition of a construction projects

Services logoArchitectural and urban-planning appearance of the territory

Services logoIssuance of a permit to earthworks

Services logoIssuance of a permit for the installation and operation of an advertising structure

Services logoApproval of the reconstruction and reconfiguration of premises in an apartment building

Services logoIssuance of a decision on the transfer of residential premises to non-residential premises and vice versa

Services logoIssuance of a conditional use permit for a land parcel or a construction project

Services logoPreparation and approval of area planning documentation

Services logoIssuance of a permit to deviate from the limiting parameters of permitted construction

Services logoAssignment of land to a certain category

Services logoCreation of easements

Services logoProvision of land parcels

Services logoEstablishment of land boundaries

Industry solutions

Geometa helps urban planning professionals determine how, where, and when their designs can have the greatest impact to improve the quality of life.

Geometa helps city authorities to make decisions for rational, sustainable land use, to provide land securing and conflict prevention.

Forestry uses Geometa for forest inventory, analyzing conditions in woodland to best utilize land, conserve ecosystems, efficiently plan harvests.

Geometa helps city authorities to provide better traffic and parking management, plan for new roads or optimize the old ones and improve road safety.

Geometa provides environmental impact analysis for conserving and sustainable use of natural resources, protecting the environment.

Mapping risk areas, understanding the best and worst-case scenarios, the available and required resources will lead to successful risk and disaster management.

Tracking pipelines, managing grids, locating cable and wireless networks, and exchanging information required for construction planning.

Agencies use Geometa to analyze geographic data, such as soils, geology, built data, such as land use, buildings, highways, and infrastructure, and social data.

Improving green spaces and boosting the number of trees on the streets and in parks, manage city beautification projects.

Geometa helps analyze the land, visualize field data on a map, and make decisions based on this data to get the best outcome without damaging the environment.

Collecting data and gaining market insights, investments evaluation, appraisals, calculation of the market price, identifying dozens of location factors.

Geometa helps solve taxation problems and maximize government income, offering a system for managing property tax based on location data.

Public safety organizations use Geometa to prevent, quickly respond to and mitigate threats to keep communities and cities safe.

Mapping cases of a disease, defining origination points or high-risk areas, conducting disease awareness-raising campaigns.

Insurance companies use Geometa to determine risk and set appropriate coverage rates, considering a wide range of factors through location.

The use of Geometa in humanities research and social science helps to examine demographic patterns, population distribution, and social landscape.


With third party systems

beeline logo


Processing data on citizens mobility.

Holgilab logo

3D visualization

Providing city data in 3D panoramas.

pss logo

Integration with the Construction Services Platform

Data exchange on information models of constuction projects and issued documents.