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Indispensable Tool for More than 700 Employees

The team quickly and professionally solved emerging challenges. We have developed effective interaction and exchange of experience. Today Geometa has become an indispensable tool for more than 700 employees.


Responsibility and Hard Work of the Team

The intuitive interface of the platform, a simple and understandable process of providing services is what the local authorities need and the system can provide it 100%.


Agile Developers and Strong Support Team

Proposals for improving the System are promptly accepted and implemented by the developers. Analysts of the Geometa platform quickly react to changes in the legislation and provide the system with the appropriate tool.


Fruitful Cooperation

Over the entire period of operation with the platform, we have developed fruitful cooperation with the Geometa development team. We hope that it will remain so since our system has room for improvement.


Why Was I So Excited by Geometa?

I was favorably impressed by the system and I hope that over time it will be possible to include it in an increasing number of processes in our administration.


Drive for Achieving the Goals

We have a great rapport with the development team, a common drive for achieving the goals. The team is distinguished by high professionalism, efficiency in solving problems, a productive attitude to the comments and suggestions made, and an interest in the development of their product.

Interested In How Geometa Can
Help Your City?

Backed with Geometa, we turn cities into digital ecosystems, provide smart city management, drive digital urban development, ensuring transparency, superior quality of life, and economic growth. Let our team walk you through a personal demo!