Geometa at Smart Cities Asia Expo 2023 in Vietnam

Geometa at Smart Cities Asia in Vietnam

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Geometa team recently participated in the Smart Cities Asia Expo held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from April 13-15, 2023. The event brought together leading companies and organizations to showcase innovative solutions and technologies in various fields, including public lighting, smart homes and cities, urban planning, and public administration. The exhibition attracted nearly 300 exhibitors, with 70% of them from international destinations, including Korea, Finland, UAE, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and others.

During the expo, Geometa showcased its platform, which drew the attention of many visitors. In particular, the company’s urban analytics cases received significant interest from attendees. Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Chairman Phan Van Mai and his delegation were introduced to Geometa during the opening ceremony. The team also had productive meetings with the heads of IT and urban planning departments from several Vietnamese cities to explore partnership opportunities.

Aside from the exhibition, the Smart Cities Asia Expo also featured a Smart City Development Forum and seminars aimed at sharing international experiences in developing smart cities and discussing smart city development strategies suitable for Vietnam. Geometa’s founder and CEO, Alexey Dudarev, presented a report on «Empowering Sustainable Urban Development with Geospatial Technologies and Digital Twin Innovations» during the conference on the first day. He emphasized the significance of integrated data-based decision-making as an integral part of any department’s work.

A panel discussion was held after the conference, with top speakers, including Alexei Dudarev, discussing the topic of data and its importance in city management. On the second day, Geometa organized an author’s seminar on «Transforming Urban Management through Geospatial Digital Twins», providing participants with a deeper understanding of using geodata in city management. All materials were geared towards practical applications, and attendees received certificates of participation.

Geometa’s participation in the Smart Cities Asia Expo was a success, providing the company with the opportunity to showcase its solutions, and network with potential partners.

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