Empowering Partnership: Geometa's Three-Day Workshop for Partners

Empowering Partnership: Geometa’s Three-Day Workshop for Partners

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Since its humble beginnings in 2007 with just three employees, Geometa has experienced remarkable growth, now boasting a team of 107 individuals. This growth and the success of our products in the market are attributed to the collective efforts of our dedicated team, loyal customers, and invaluable partners. Recognizing the power of collaboration, Geometa upholds strong partnership relations, as we firmly believe that significant and impactful products can only emerge through joint endeavors.

To foster the growth and professional development of our partners, Geometa recently organized a three-day workshop held from April 25 to 27. The event attracted around fifty representatives from our esteemed partner organizations. The workshop aimed to provide valuable opportunities for enhancing implementation teams’ expertise and fostering the exchange of experiences.

The workshop program was carefully curated to cater to the needs of our partners, ensuring a well-rounded experience. It included a series of engaging presentations and interactive business games, designed to accumulate the best practices for implementing state information systems for urban planning using the Geometa platform. Over the course of three days, participants delved into both general topics such as project management and team building, as well as specific areas like infrastructure, deployment, and configuration of various modules.

One of the workshop’s highlights was the practical orientation of the presentations, which addressed complex challenges frequently encountered in day-to-day work. Partners expressed appreciation for the comprehensive coverage of particularly difficult questions, providing them with tangible solutions. Nadezhda Perfilieva, ReInform’s lead project manager, praised the workshop’s technological insights, citing the example of update automation through Jenkins.

The workshop served as a platform for partners to foster stronger collaborations and learn from their peers. Olga Galaktionova, Datum Soft project manager, highlighted the value of the event in building interactions among all participants involved in the development, installation, and upgrade processes. Partners actively engaged with technical support and supervisors, seeking guidance on project planning and customer interaction. The live interaction with fellow participants facilitated the immediate exchange of ideas, enabling participants to address shared challenges more efficiently.

Geometa’s three-day workshop for partners exemplified our commitment to nurturing strong and fruitful partnerships. Together, let’s forge a path toward innovation, growth, and mutual success in the exciting field of geospatial technology with Geometa.

Becoming a Geometa Partner

Geometa offers a host of advantages for its partners:

  • Collaborating with Geometa enables partners to tap into a thriving B2G market, ensuring a constant demand for our sought-after products.
  • Our partners benefit from working with a market leader, gaining access to expert training and comprehensive materials.
  • Our partners receive round-the-clock technical support and assistance.
  • Geometa provides a dedicated curator who accompanies partners throughout the entire project, offering guidance and support during challenging times.
  • Our partnership programs are accompanied by favorable financial conditions, ensuring mutual success and prosperity.

Are you an IT company with experience in the B2G market? Becoming a Geometa partner opens up exciting opportunities for your organization. As a partner, your responsibilities will involve distributing and implementing Geometa software, negotiating with customers, planning and executing software projects, providing training to clients, ensuring software updates, and maintaining system operability.

To become a Geometa partner and explore exclusive collaboration opportunities, click on the «Become a partner» button on the main page. Fill in the necessary fields to receive more information about the partnership and its exclusive benefits.

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