Ensuring Excellence: Auditing Partner Projects

Ensuring Excellence: Auditing Partner Projects

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Every January our colleagues dedicate an entire week to reviewing project materials, assessing quality, and providing valuable feedback to our esteemed partners. These annual audits are not just a routine check; they represent a deep commitment to collaboration, improvement, and the pursuit of excellence.

Partners play a pivotal role in our ecosystem. Typically, IT companies with experience in the B2G market, they specialize in developing and implementing geoinformation systems. Under a partnership agreement, these integrators distribute and implement our Geometa software, handling everything from negotiations with clients to system updates and performance monitoring.

Although the event is closed, we had the opportunity to speak with implementation supervisors who shed light on the intricate details of the process.

Andrey Levchenko, Geometa’s Project Manager, emphasizes that these audits serve as a platform to share results, assess compliance with implementation standards, and gather valuable insights into the challenges faced during implementation.

Elena Pereverzeva, Geometa’s Project Manager, highlights the two-way nature of audits, underscoring the learning opportunity they provide. Alexander Reshetov, another Project Manager, stresses the importance of assessing user engagement and data quality, leading to innovative solutions and enhanced operational efficiency.

According to supervisors, the quality of projects is on a continuous upward trajectory. Andrey notes the growing common understanding and systematic approach in teams, while Alexander applauds the increasing professionalism demonstrated by partner teams.

Insights from Partners

We reached out to our partners to gain insights into their perspective on the audits. Anna Sazonova, Deputy IT Director of the Institute for Territorial Planning Grad, a leading private institution in urban planning in the CIS, emphasizes the importance of an independent assessment, detailing the internal quality control process they conduct. Eduard, General Director of GISGIS sees audits as a mechanism for sharing valuable experiences and staying abreast of industry developments.

Becoming a Geometa Partner

If you’re an IT company experienced in the B2G market with a focus on geographic information systems, you can become a Geometa partner. Partners distribute and implement Geometa software, benefiting from training, technical support, access to information channels, and a dedicated supervisor throughout the project stages. Becoming a partner is as simple as visiting geometa.ae, clicking on «Become a Partner,» filling in the required fields, and receiving additional information on exclusive cooperation terms.

In essence, Geometa’s annual audits symbolize a commitment to partnership, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence. It’s not just about assessing projects; it’s about growing together, learning from each other, and collectively striving for success.

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