Geometa’s Year in Review

Geometa’s Year in Review

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Geometa, the pioneering company in automating urban planning and land use, recently marked its 16th anniversary. Over the past year, the Geometa team has continued to make remarkable progress in implementing projects and refining its own platform. In this article, we reflect on the results of 2022 and proudly share our achievements.

In collaboration with our esteemed partners, we are thrilled to introduce the Geometa platform. With its modular structure, the platform offers individual customization options to cater to the specific needs of our customers. The platform’s advanced technology enables seamless handling of documents, images, and spatial data in various formats. This versatility empowers Geometa to find applications across diverse domains, maximizing its potential impact.

Applications of Geometa Modules

The Geometa modules find extensive applications in various sectors, including:

  • Urban Planning: Offering services in electronic form, simplifying processes.
  • City and Region Management: Facilitating integrated analytics for evaluating the urban environment’s quality, data-driven decision-making, and enhancing the investment climate.
  • Agriculture: Assessing the effectiveness of agricultural subsidies and conducting inventories of fertile land.
  • Forestry: Efficient management of forest resources.
  • Real Estate: Collecting data, conducting market analysis, and calculating cadastral and market values of properties.
  • Industry: Streamlining operations across numerous divisions, including remote locations, and solving analytical tasks using maps featuring real estate objects, deposits, pipelines, railways, mines, and more.

Reflecting on 2022

The past year has been transformative for Geometa, marked by significant milestones and breakthroughs:

  • Contract Expansion: We proudly signed 80 contracts, doubling the number from the previous year (2021).
  • Metallurgical Automation: We launched a project in collaboration with one of the largest metallurgical companies in the CIS to automate work with copper ore deposits.
  • State Cadastral Valuation: Geometa embarked on a project focused on state cadastral valuation.
  • Module Development: We developed 25 new modules and issued 23 system updates, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptation to evolving requirements.
  • Educational Platform Expansion: Geometa added 12 new courses to its educational platform, contributing to the professional growth and development of our users.
  • Exceptional Technical Support: We successfully closed 96% of technical support requests, emphasizing our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Notable Achievements of 2022

Several accomplishments from 2022 highlight Geometa’s commitment to innovation and collaboration:

  • CIS Conference on Digital Systems in Urban Planning: Geometa proudly organized and partnered with the only CIS conference dedicated to digital systems in urban planning. The event brought together 325 experts, fostering a platform for knowledge exchange and mutual development.
  • Mapping API Integration: Geometa launched a mapping API to simplify integration with external systems and enable access to spatial objects within the system in vector form.
  • Land Use and Development Rules Automation: We introduced the «Automation of Changes to Land Use and Development Rules» module, enabling authorities to independently make local changes to draft land use and development plans without relying on third-party contractors.
  • Streamlining Utility Mapping: Geometa’s Module for Efficient Network and Communication Management: Geometa developed and implemented the «Utility Mapping» module, allowing users to maintain up-to-date data on engineering networks and communications through an intuitive map interface.
  • Metallurgical Sector Integration: We successfully launched the first project in this sector, enhancing the platform’s functionality to cater to license management.
  • Urban Analytics Advancement: Our ongoing development of the Urban Analytics module aims to create a data-driven city management system. Users can now generate automated maps of traffic accidents, resident population, social infrastructure facilities, earthworks, and street visuals.
  • State Cadastral Valuation Tools: Geometa expanded its capabilities by processing economic data and providing analytical tools for the real estate market within the field of state cadastral valuation.

Enabling Success: Key Factors and Appreciation

Achieving these exceptional results would not have been possible without the collective efforts of clients, system operators, software developers, and partner companies. Each project implementation is unique in terms of scope, degree of automation, and desired outcomes. We attribute the high level of customer trust to our expertise in city planning legislation and the adaptability of the Geometa platform.

We also extend our heartfelt appreciation to all our users, customers, partners, and teams involved in development, implementation, and support. Their feedback serves as our guiding light, directing our future development and inspiring us to embark on new and innovative experiments. We eagerly anticipate the future, where we can build upon our achievements and create transformative solutions that shape the cities of tomorrow.

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