Introducing Geometa's Mobile App for Streamlined Field Operations

Introducing Geometa’s Mobile App for Streamlined Field Operations

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Until recently, Geometa’s platform was exclusively available in a web version, aligning with the preferences of our government and business clients who prioritize advanced IT solutions for workplace tasks. However, recognizing the unique demands of urban planning and city management that require field-based decision-making, Geometa has introduced its first-ever mobile app.

Empowering Productivity: The Evolution of Geometa’s Mobile App

In response to user requests for flexible Geometa access beyond their desks, our focus turned to mobile development, an essential part of our strategic vision. This initiative stemmed from user needs to perform Geometa actions on the go. For instance, professionals needed the ability to coordinate and digitally sign documents, conduct urban environment surveys, and document completed earthworks with photos. This feedback laid the foundation for our inaugural mobile application.

Before embarking on this journey, we closely examined a client’s real-world practices. For instance, confirming the completion of excavation work involved specialists physically visiting sites, capturing images, returning to their workspace to analyze the data, and then making decisions. This process was time-consuming and prone to errors.

In response, we developed the «Earthworks» mobile app, streamlining employee tasks and reducing processing times. This innovation not only enables users to visit more sites but also significantly improves service delivery timelines.

Simplifying On-Site Workflow: The Earthworks Mobile App

The Earthworks mobile app is designed to help specialists document the conditions of areas before and after excavation using photos. This visual data is then seamlessly transmitted to their workspace for well-informed decision-making.

The Earthworks mobile app empowers users to:

1. Precisely Locate Excavation Areas:
All excavation sites are meticulously displayed on an interactive map. The app’s geolocation feature aids in navigating the terrain and identifying nearby sites. Clear map contours highlight the exact work boundaries. Furthermore, users can conveniently access previously viewed sites through the search history.

Precisely Locate Excavation Area

2. Effortlessly Review Excavation Permits:
Within the app, users can access essential details such as excavation type, start and end dates, contractor information, work conditions, and site photos. This data is sourced in real-time from the Geometa system, ensuring accuracy.

Effortlessly Review Excavation Permits

3. Verify Work Completion with Images:
Users can confirm completed work and evaluate its quality by adding photos. The app simplifies documenting site conditions, allowing users to use the device’s camera or gallery. All images uploaded are seamlessly integrated into the Geometa system.

Verify Work Completion with Images

4. Access Comprehensive Trip Histories:
The app maintains a log of a technician’s site visits, easily accessible through the calendar feature. By selecting a date, users can quickly retrieve information about sites visited on a specific day.

Access Comprehensive Trip Histories

Developing Excellence: The Journey Behind the Earthworks App

Embarking on mobile development required a dedicated team at Geometa, committed to advancing this direction.

Before developing the Earthworks app, the team delved into the Geometa system and user experiences.

Mobile developers faced the challenge of optimizing data for smaller screens, a departure from web development. The team prioritized data optimization to ensure an intuitive user experience.

To ensure cross-platform usability, the team dedicated time to ensure interface elements were accessible and intuitive across various smartphone brands and sizes. This led to two distinct app designs that retained visual consistency while catering to platform-specific requirements.

The integration of Geometa’s API and mapping APIs facilitated seamless interaction between the platform and the app.

Continuing the Journey: Embracing Future Possibilities

As the mobile app enters beta testing, Geometa is focused on gathering valuable feedback for refinement.

Beyond this phase, Geometa remains committed to advancing mobile development. Prospective developments may include remote document coordination, efficient inventories, and seamless data collection.

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