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Geometa at Smart City Latam 2022

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The congress, comprising an exhibition, workshops, and presentations, was held in Yucatan, Merida, Mexico on 7 — 9 June. This was a leading smart cities event in Latin America. Gathering colleagues from the industry to share their experiences in the field, over 9500 people and 326 representatives from 30 cities of the region attended.

Smart City Expo LATAM Congress, positioned as the event where the latest trends in city management are presented, is the meeting place for experts to share smart city best practices, and to learn about projects and initiatives to achieve the socio-economic prosperity and sustainable development of Latin America.

Latin America is well-known for its densely populated megacities of ten million-plus residents, which has constituted challenges for city managers and urban planners. To address these challenges facing Latin America, Smart City Expo LATAM Congress is the platform for collaboration and participation of strategic actors for the transformation of Latin America. The main goal is the implementation of actions through technology, innovation, learning, and inspiration.

Under the motto «ACTIVATE, ACT, ACCELERATE» the congress attracted citizens, private sector companies, governments, institutions, and media from Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Brazil, Russia, Costa Rika, and many more to participate and learn about the initiatives that are being implemented to contribute to the sustainable development of cities in the region.

The Geometa team has presented practical tools city authorities can use to deliver tangible benefits for citizens, manage urban growth and decrease environmental impact. Geometa is the GIS-based platform for proactive city management, which brings together the powers of GIS, a spatial analysis platform, and an electronic document management system.

Geometa Team

From Paris to Buenos Aires, many cities worldwide follow a trendy planning model of 15-minute cities emphasizing walkability and accessibility. The idea of a 15-minute city is on its way to adoption by many cities in Latin America. That’s why Geometa’s 15-minute city concept use case was so popular at the exhibition.

These have been days full of intense and engaging activities, resulting in a fruitful exchange with great professional value. We look forward to establishing a collaborative professional relationship with our visitors.

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