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Geometa Business Mission in India

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Geometa team went on a business mission to India on November 14 to 17, intending to evaluate market potential and find ways to enter the new market.

During the business mission, the team visited two cities in India. The first city, Delhi, is the administrative capital of the country. By the way, that’s where the grand opening of the second foreign office of Skolkovo took place. Part of the mission were five-minute pitches and presentations from participating companies. The second city on the route was Bangalore, known as Tech Capital of India which gathered IT companites, tech parks and start-ups. Offline meetings with mentors and potential partners took place here, as well as the second series of pitches and a visit to the 25th Tech Summit.

Colleagues from India

According to Maria Bobyleva, marketing and business development manager, during the mission it was essential to make presentations of company’s product, meet with partners and confirm preliminary agreements.

For the Geometa team, this was the first large-scale presentation. Five minutes were enough to talk about the product and it’s technological features and even demonstrate it’s real-life use cases.

“A queue formed leading to us, made of people curious to know more details about the system. It took us only 2 pitches to collect a huge stack of business cards. And these are not just cards, but about 70 quality leads”, so is the comment of Maria about the pitches.

Product presentation

Another mission’s highlight was a visit to Tech Summit — a major technical exhibition in Asia, where not only the exhibition booths of individual companies or cities, but also of the entire countries were organized. Our team took greatest interest in GIS solutions at the exhibition: real estate and traffic management systems, emergency prevention, garbage disposal and other urban planning challenges.

“Peculiar how a large amount of data is collected through drones here, like in mapping of the local forests, for example. We plan to take a closer look at the technology and already negotiating”, Maria said.

“Observing local people during their demos, conversations and interviews, I got a whole picture of what the strategy should be for partnering with India. I want to point out the great motivation for action — the people of India want to change their lives for the better, ready to work and make efforts to see a real and tangible result”, says Alexey Zraenko, business development director.

Negotiations with colleagues from India

In general, the Geometa team highly appreciates the results of the trip to India. In four days, the team went through with all planned negotiations and agreed on partnership with Indian companies. Now a lot of collaboration is expected as feasibility studies have to be done, plans have to be clarified in terms of urban planning, cadastral maps, analytics and development of investment climate.

A series of overseas trips by the Geometa team this year concludes in India. All contacts will be processed in the near future, and the first feasibility studies will start in 2023.

“We already have tools and solutions in our hands that will help cities and regions of India develop even more rapidly, attracting more domestic and foreign investment”, Alexey commented on the possibility of implementing Geometa.

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