Warmest Wishes for the Holiday Season and the New Year

As we approach the close of another transformative year, I want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude. To our clients, partners, and the remarkable Geometa team — thank you for an incredible journey.

This year has been a testament to the strength of collaboration and shared goals:

Clients: Your trust fuels our passion for innovation. It’s been a pleasure contributing to your success, and we look forward to achieving even greater milestones together.

Partners: The strength of our partnerships is the driving force behind our collective achievements. Your collaboration has been integral to our growth, and I’m excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

Team Geometa: Your dedication and hard work have been the heartbeat of our success. Your resilience and creativity have propelled us to new heights, and I’m immensely proud to lead such a talented and committed team.

As we enter the holiday season and eagerly anticipate the dawn of a new year, let’s cherish the moments of joy, celebrate our achievements, and look forward to the exciting possibilities that 2024 holds.

Wishing you all a festive holiday season and a New Year filled with continued success and prosperity!

Comprehensive Integrated Infrastructure Plan

In today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape and expanding urban areas, the integration of digital tools is playing a pivotal role in orchestrating efficient urban development. In this article, we highlight an outstanding project developed in collaboration with our strategic partner and powered by the Geometa platform. This visionary initiative, which has earned the prestigious CIPR Digital Award, represents a significant milestone in the digital transformation of urban development. Let’s explore the Comprehensive Integrated Infrastructure Plan for Urban Development, an innovative endeavor that originated in the Sakhalin Region and was conceptualized by the forward-thinking experts at the Institute for Territorial Planning Grad, a leading private institution in urban planning in the CIS.

What is the Comprehensive Integrated Infrastructure Plan?

At its core, the Comprehensive Integrated Infrastructure Plan for Urban Development is a powerful tool designed to efficiently manage a region’s infrastructure development. It operates based on well-informed decisions made in a timely and spatially conscious manner. This plan provides access to critical data related to the availability of infrastructure assets within a specific region. Its uniqueness lies in its ability to oversee the entire lifecycle of each infrastructure component.

The Comprehensive Integrated Infrastructure Plan meticulously aggregates and monitors decisions affecting various infrastructure sectors, including social, transportation, recreation, utilities, and security. Powered by the Geometa platform, this project automates numerous functions, resulting in an all-encompassing information and analytical support system. It goes beyond traditional urban planning, creating a seamless, digitally managed, multi-level data framework. The ultimate goal is to harmonize territorial and budgetary planning, replacing fragmented documentation with a holistic model that integrates regional and municipal perspectives.

This ambitious infrastructure initiative consists of several essential components:

innovation approach and digital transformation of urban development

Empowering Decision-Makers

The Comprehensive Integrated Infrastructure Plan utilizes cutting-edge algorithms and spatial data analytics to provide decision-makers with a dynamic overview. It considers factors such as urban planning restrictions, financial limits, government regulations, and interdepartmental responsibilities. This digital platform serves as a guiding light, helping identify the best path for regional expansion.

This visionary plan results in a digitally managed, seamless, multi-scale model of the entire territory’s infrastructure. Stakeholders gain comprehensive insights into existing and potential assets like schools, hospitals, parks, roads, and utility networks. What sets this project apart is its ability to present decision-making data in various formats, including maps, registers, lifecycle trackers, and dashboards.

Empowering Decision-Makers

The project’s analytical capabilities empower stakeholders to:

The Comprehensive Integrated Infrastructure Plan serves as a unifying tool, eliminating the challenges of interdepartmental discord that often hinder urban and regional development. Its versatility makes it suitable for various contexts, whether for central, regional, or municipal projects. Whether the objective is to construct critical infrastructure, energy facilities, or social institutions like schools and hospitals, this tool stands ready to break down silos and promote harmonious development.

Illustrative Example

Imagine a city embarking on a state-funded project, involving collaboration among various municipal administrations. This initiative requires meticulous coordination. The Comprehensive Integrated Infrastructure Plan steps in, aligning implementation, financing, and spatial planning. By carefully examining site-specific conditions, zoning regulations, and logistical constraints, this holistic approach ensures not only timely project completion but also efficient resource allocation, reducing wasteful redundancies.

Happy New Year!

Dear friends, colleagues, customers and partners,

Another year is about to end, and we want to express our sincere thanks to all of you for your engagement, feedback and business.

2022 has been filled with incredible growth, and in the coming year we will continue our efforts to develop innovative technologies based on the Geometa platform to improve well-being of people in urban communities across the world.

May the upcoming year be full of new achievements and bring you a huge success.

We look forward to working with you in a new year and achieving our goals together.

See you in 2023!

Happy New Year!

What are People Talking About?

How the society appreciate new parks or parking lots? It is important to involve people in the process of making and implementing decisions and gets their opinion, to maintain sustainable development of the territory.

Natural zoning, ranked on a scale of people’s emotional perception, Omsk 2016

A large-scale social study was carried out using a web application. Residents could draw and describe the areas of city where they spend most of their time.

This information were used in the project of the Omsk city master plan, and formed the basis for planning a network of local sub-centers. This work was carried out jointly with the Institute of Territorial Planning “Grad”.

Web application for collecting characteristics of the territory

Many categories have been set up to collect information. Using these categories users were able to describe the city positively or negatively, for example:

With the help of Geometa, these data were processed and used both to evaluate and improve the work of city services and to plan the urban transformation process.

Today, such information is also validated through the processing of open data (including social networks). We conducted similar studies in Kazan.

Real Estate Appraisal

What actually determines the value of real estate and what tools are available for appraisers today?

Корреляционный анализ влияния фактора на стоимость жилой недвижимости

Correlation analysis of the influence of one of the factors

Location significantly determines the price of real estate. Geometa provides services to collect data, analyze the market, calculate the market price and identify dozens of factors that affect the cost.

Geometa provides tools for individual and mass appraisal of real estate objects based on spatial analysis.

Individual assessment is used by realtors and appraisers for the sale or purchase of individual objects. There is variety of factors which are important for determining housing price — such as attachment to a certain school with a high rating, proximity to recreational areas, ecology status, safety and transport accessibility.

Factors that affect the price of commercial real estate are more diverse. The availability of energy resources and proximity to logistics centers are more important for ones, the presence of consumers nearby and the location of competitors affects more impact for others.

Mass valuation is used to calculate the amount of taxes and appraisal, which is important for banks to determine the value of collateral. The peculiarity of the mass appraisal is that the price can also be determined for objects that have never been sold or bought before. Such appraisal is based on the analysis of analogue objects.

The level of attractiveness of public spaces in Kazan

The level of attractiveness of public spaces in Kazan

Geometa allows you to create the characteristics of real estate objects’ database and compare it with the market information — classifiedes, transactions’ history and valuation reports.

Using Geometa spatial analysis tools, the composition of factors that affect the price of real estate of a certain type is determined in a particular territory. As a result the model can be created that allows you to automate the calculation of the value of real estate based on such data and spatial data about the infrastructure of the territory.

Video — processing cadastral data from the state register of real estate, Tyumen

Tyumen Road Network Reconstruction Planning

The algorithm for flexible management of road reconstruction and construction is implemented by Geometa’s team.

Model for selecting priority areas for street reconstruction, Tyumen, 2016

The growing population of Tyumen and the deteriorating traffic situation have required more investment in the reconstruction of existing streets and the construction of new highways. It was decided to automate the managing process of the transport infrastructure development program and create a model that would determine the value of each activity.

The value calculation was based on the following factors:

The model allows us to add new factors and recalculate values in case of changes in factor values.

Video — Analysis of data on the mobility of citizens and traffic situation based on information from mobile operators

Using Geometa we developed a web application that provides daily monitoring of construction work and document management to manage the model implementation process.

Web application for managing the implementation of projects for the new construction and reconstruction of the road network, Tyumen, 2016

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